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DopomogAI”, LTD

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15/1, Frunze St., Kiev, 04080, Ukraine

Company № 32395558

VAT Certificate 14109407

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phone / fax + 380 44 463 77 75




Director of LLC "Dopomoga-I"

_______________ L.V. Romanova



Code of conduct of the company "DopomogA-I"



1. Company policy / business principles.

2. Goals and objectives of the Code of Conduct.

3. Compliance with the provisions of applicable law and applicable standards:

- Conclusion of contracts (relationships with suppliers / customers, fair competition);

- Labor legislation (rights and duties of employees, fair working conditions, safety and labor protection);

- Conflict of interest;

- Anti-corruption legislation (non-acceptance of corruption, gifts, participation in political activities, interaction with government officials, hospitality);

- Trade secret;

- Fair and transparent reporting.

4. Dress code.

5. Liability for non-compliance.


Company policy / business principles

It takes years to build a reputation and only seconds to destroy it. Irresponsible behavior, illegal actions, mistake due to inattention - all this can negatively affect the reputation of the company and lead to a loss of confidence.

The trust of the parties interested in the results of the activities of LTD «DopomogA-I» plays a decisive role in achieving our success and in the future can be maintained only if we do business with the highest ethical standards and integrity.

The Code of Conduct is one of the main documents of our company designed to comply with legal norms and demonstrates our commitment to creating and maintaining confidence in Dopomog-I, as well as applying the principles of business, social and moral responsibility to all areas of our activities.

All employees of the company LTD "DopomogA-I" should know and understand this Code and follow it without exception. The company LTD "DopomogA-I" and its management demonstrate adherence to the principles of competitive, free and unregulated markets, as well as the highest standards of ethical and law-abiding behavior, the observance of which is mandatory in all undertakings of the company.


Goals and objectives of the Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct clearly defines the norms for a number of topical issues, especially important for various parties interested in cooperation with LTD «DopomogA-I». It is designed to determine our behavior and contribute to the fulfillment of tasks and decision-making.

The management of LTD «DopomogA-I» is obliged to take the necessary steps to ensure that all employees of the company read, understand and follow the Code of Conduct in their daily activities, and must provide appropriate training and support.

To lead is to serve as a benchmark for others, and the company's management is obliged to serve as an example of compliance with the Code both in managing its departments and in doing business with external stakeholders.

Employees of the company LTD "DopomogA-I" are required to read, understand and follow the Code, regardless of the work that they perform, and under any circumstances.

Any questions related to the Code should be addressed to the management or employees of the legal department or human resources department, depending on the circumstances. For violation of this Code of Conduct, disciplinary measures of influence will be applied to employees of the company in accordance with applicable laws and regulations of labor law.



Occupying a leading position in the industry, we assume great responsibility. We conduct transparent activities, responsibly take our obligations and comply with all applicable laws, ensuring that all our employees are aware of all laws relating to their job responsibilities.

We fully comply with national and international legislation designed to create free and fair trade relations throughout the world.


Compliance with legislation

The company LTD "DopomogA-I" complies with all applicable laws, including national and international norms, rules and conventions.

We commit ourselves to comply with all national and international laws, as well as industry norms and regulations relevant to our activities.

We understand that some laws regulate not only the norms of commercial behavior in a given country or territory, but also behavior in other areas, which has a significant impact on competition in a given country or territory.


Antimonopoly legislation

The company LTD "DopomogA-I" obliges its employees to comply with antimonopoly legislation.

We undertake to follow the existing antimonopoly legislation in the conduct of any commercial activity.

Antimonopoly legislation regulates general business rules, as well as any commercial agreements, regardless of whether they are written, oral or some other form.


Anti-corruption legislation

The management of the company LTD "DopomogA-I" should form an ethical standard of irreconcilable attitude to any forms and manifestations of corruption at all levels, setting an example by its behavior.

The company establishes the principle of non-acceptance of corrupt practices in any forms and manifestations in the implementation of daily activities and strategic projects, including in cooperation with partners, counterparties, representatives of government bodies, self-government, its employees and other persons.

Bribery and other forms of corrupt activities or unethical behavior (including the legalization of proceeds from crime and extortion) are contrary to the goals and principles of LTD “DopomogA-1”. Unacceptable behaviors include:

- any form of direct or indirect proposal, giving, accepting a bribe or attempted bribery;

- unauthorized or unlawful receipt, transfer or payment of funds;

- participation in activities with alleged or visible signs of unethical behavior.

Any relationship between LTD “DopomogA-I” and government officials should be based on integrity and be consistent with applicable national laws and international conventions.

We undertake not to provide or offer directly or indirectly any illicit monetary rewards, incentives or other values to any government officials for the purpose of unduly influencing the decision of the competent authority or for the purpose of obtaining a favorable outcome.

The company LTD “DopomogA-I” and all employees must comply with the norms of the Ukrainian anti-corruption legislation established, inter alia, by the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the Code of Administrative Offenses, the Law of Ukraine "On the Prevention of Corruption" and other normative acts whose main requirements are the prohibition of giving bribes, the prohibition of bribery, the prohibition of commercial bribery and the prohibition of mediation in bribery. In addition, we commit ourselves to comply with the basic provisions of the UK Law on Combating Bribery and the US Law on Corruption Abroad, the main requirements of which are formulated as:

- prohibition of giving bribes; granting or promising to provide any financial or other benefit / advantage with the intent to induce any person to perform his official duties improperly;

- prohibition of bribes, i. obtaining or consenting to obtain any financial or other benefit / advantage for the performance of their official duties in an improper manner;

- prohibition of bribery of foreign civil servants, i. provision or promise to provide (directly or through third parties) to a foreign public official any financial or other benefit / advantage in order to influence the performance of his official duties in order to obtain / retain business or provide competitive or other advantages for a commercial organization;

- prohibition of connivance with bribery; the absence in the commercial organization of adequate procedures aimed at preventing the giving or receiving of bribes by persons associated with such an organization with the aim of acquiring or retaining business, providing commercial and competitive advantages.


Labor legislation (rights and duties of employees, fair working conditions, safety and labor protection)

Our employees play an important role in the company's activities.

We do our best to ensure fair treatment of all employees based on our policy of equal opportunities, and strive to achieve the highest standards of impartiality, honesty and integrity recognized in the world.


Labor rights

The company LTD "DopomogA-I" observes all labor rights, national and international norms and conventions.

We do not use forms of servitude, forced or forced labor, as well as any form of exploitation of child labor.

The company LTD "DopomogA-I" stands for maintaining the working environment without discrimination and harassment. The success and growth of the employees of LTD “DopomogA-I” depends solely on their abilities and the quality of their work.

We undertake not to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, religion, national origin, disability, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability due to physical or mental impairment, marital status, political views or other features protected by law.

We do not accept any form of harassment, humiliation or insulting people by word or action.

Every employee must respect the right of his colleagues to work in an environment free of discrimination or harassment.

We commit ourselves to making decisions regarding the recruitment, development or promotion of employees of the company solely on the basis of their capabilities, capabilities and potential to perform their duties.

The company LTD "DopomogA-I" respects individual differences and promotes the development of a culture that allows each employee to fully discover their potential.

We undertake to treat each employee fairly, fairly, unbiasedly and with respect.


Fair working conditions, labor protection and safety

The company LTD "DopomogA-I" applies strict standards in the field of labor protection, safety and fair working conditions.

We strive to ensure the health and safety of our employees, as well as those who are potentially relevant to our activities. Appropriate safety and security measures must be applied in all departments and divisions.

We commit ourselves to providing a safe and healthy environment for all employees in the workplace, while developing a culture of behavior where each employee feels personally responsible for fair conditions, safety and security.

We guarantee that the principles of fair working conditions, labor protection and safety will be applied in any of our activities, and for this purpose, employees will be provided with appropriate training and other forms of support.

We undertake to openly discuss the results of the measures taken with regard to measures on fair working conditions, labor protection and safety with stakeholders.


Business ethics

We always follow the highest standards regarding fairness, honesty and integrity. Thanks to this, we enjoy the confidence of our stakeholders and support our reputation. Therefore, we can be proud of the way we do business, our contribution to society and encourage all employees to give a personal example.

In their activities, employees of the company LTD "DopomogA-I" exclude:

- abuse of office, giving bribes, taking bribes, abuse of authority, commercial bribery or other unlawful use by an individual of his official position, contrary to the legitimate interests of the company, in order to obtain benefits in the form of money, valuables, other property or services of a property nature, other property rights for itself or for third parties, or the unlawful provision of such benefit to the said person by other individuals;

- participation in illegal actions, discrediting both the company and the workforce, the implementation of any unlawful activity (business, public, political, religious, etc.), which may cause damage to the company.

- dissemination of unreliable information discrediting the reputation of the company LTD "DopomogA-I", its management and employees.


Advertising, commercial and marketing activities

The company LTD "DopomogA-I" conducts advertising, commercial and marketing activities in accordance with ethical standards and all applicable laws and regulations for advertising, commercial and marketing activities.

We are committed to honestly provide information about the company LTD "DopomogA-I" and the quality of our products and services.

Employees of LTD “DopomogA-I” must ensure that all materials and activities related to marketing and sales promotion comply with high ethical, medical and scientific standards, as well as all applicable legislative and regulatory acts, guidelines and industry rules.

Employees of the company must carry out activities in accordance with applicable laws on fair competition and antimonopoly legislation, as well as the practice of honest business.



The company LTD "DopomogA-I" allows gifts, services and invitations to entertainments only if they do not go beyond legality and ordinary business etiquette.

We undertake to make gifts, offer free entertainment or services exclusively in accordance with generally accepted practice and without violating the current legislation.

Employees of the company LTD "DopomogA-I" have the right to accept gifts, invitations to entertainments or to obtain personal benefits only if this does not have undue influence on the process of making commercial decisions.

Extortion of signs of gratitude and gifts is not allowed.

Gifts are not allowed on behalf of the Company, its employees and representatives to third parties in the form of cash, cash or non-cash, in any currency.

We do not have the right to use other persons in order to circumvent the above rules. The company LTD "DopomogA-I" prohibits any form of rewards, including in the form of cash, valuables, services or other benefits, in favor of any individuals and organizations to influence the actions / omissions of any officials in order to simplify, accelerate or overcome bureaucratic, administrative and other formalities.


Participation in political activities

The company LTD "DopomogA-I" does not finance political parties and movements in order to obtain commercial advantages in specific projects of the company.

The counterpart of LTD “DopomogA-I” is prohibited from making donations in favor of political parties in order to obtain commercial advantages in specific projects of the company.

Any political contributions made by LTD “DopomogA-I” must be pre-approved and in accordance with the approved internal regulations.

We undertake to use the funds of the company LTD "DopomogA-I" for political donations exclusively in accordance with applicable national legislation and with the prior approval of the management of the company LTD "DopomogA-I".


Contractual obligations and standards of documentation

The company LTD "DopomogA-I" is responsible for its contractual obligations and ensures timely and accurate documentary processing of transactions in accordance with legislative requirements and current accounting standards.

Employees of the company LTD "DopomogA-I" do not assume contractual obligations, which are beyond their authority in the company.

We undertake to ensure the preparation and appropriate storage of all records, records and accounts of the company in accordance with applicable laws and applicable standards adopted by the company.


Conflicts of interest

Commercial transactions should be conducted in the best interests of the company LTD "DopomogA-I". Employees of the company LTD "DopomogA-I" should not use in their personal interests any commercial opportunities that are contrary to the interests of the company. Employees of the company should not enter into an employment relationship, take part in any commercial activity or make investments that interfere with the performance of their duties in the company LTD "DopomogA-I".

We will not allow any private person or organization to gain in an unacceptable way, thanks to their relationship with any of the employees of LTD “DopomogA-I”. Equally, employees of the company LTD "DopomogA-I" do not have the right to illegally obtain personal benefits from relationships with any private individuals or organizations.


Checking counterparties

The Company makes reasonable efforts to minimize the risk of business relations with counterparties that may be involved in corrupt activities, for which an assessment of the counterparties' tolerance to bribery is conducted, including. check whether they have their own anti-corruption procedures or policies, their willingness to comply with the requirements of this Code and include anti-corruption clauses in contracts, and also provide mutual assistance for ethical business conduct and prevention of corruption. All fees and charges payable are used for their intended purpose, are reasonable and justified remuneration for the goods or services provided and are confirmed by the necessary official documents.

The company LTD "DopomogA-I" undertakes to provide the contractor with the necessary documentation and consulting and training services in order to clearly and clearly explain their requirements.


Product safety, quality and management

The company LTD "DopomogA-I" guarantees the quality and safety of its products and services, applying the latest scientific and technical standards throughout the life cycle of medical products, and also guarantees proper training for employees and customers of the company.

We work closely with customers, contractors, consumers and other stakeholders to ensure the proper and responsible use of our medical products, as well as to understand the precautions that need to be taken throughout their life cycle.

We carefully identify the hazards and evaluate the risks associated with the use of medical products, and also warn consumers about the consequences of misuse of our products, indicating the necessary information on packages, labels and advertising brochures. Our medical products are always accompanied by clear instructions for both medical personnel and end users, containing information on their safe storage, use and disposal.

Employees of the company LTD "DopomogA-I" undertake to apply strict testing methods and production methods so that all products comply with or even exceed internal standards and comply with the requirements of laws and regulations and will apply all necessary measures in all cases of non-compliance or misuse of products company.


Audit and control

The Company regularly conducts internal and external audit of financial and economic activities, controls the completeness and correctness of data reflection in accounting and compliance with applicable laws and internal regulatory documents of the company, including the principles and requirements established by this Code of Conduct.

Within the framework of internal control procedures, LTD “DopomogA-I” performs checks of the execution of key business processes, including selective checks of the legality of payments made, their economic feasibility, the appropriateness of expenses, incl. for confirmation of primary accounting documents and compliance with the requirements of this Code of Conduct.

An effective system of internal control is designed to help in identifying and preventing activities that violate the provisions of this Code of Conduct and anti-corruption legislation and serve as a reasonable guarantee that:

• Operations are performed in accordance with the approved procedure for delegation of authority;

• Transactions are properly reported;

• Access to the company's assets, including intellectual property, is limited and controlled in accordance with the established procedure.


Keeping books, records and reporting

All financial transactions should be accurately, accurately and with sufficient level of detail reflected in the accounting records of the company LTD "DopomogA-I", documented and available for verification.

The Company appoints employees who are personally responsible for the preparation and submission of complete and reliable accounting reports within the timeframe established by the applicable law.

All business transactions are reflected in an accurate and transparent manner in the accounting records and accounting books with a sufficiently detailed breakdown, documentary confirmation and indication of the parties involved, the cash amounts and the commercial purpose of the transactions.

Accounting documents and ledgers are kept in compliance with the storage period provided for by local regulatory requirements and are provided for audit by audit companies or inspection bodies.

Falsification of accounting records and financial statements, as well as the preparation of deliberately false, unreliable or incomplete reporting in connection with the audit, analysis of financial statements and the preparation of mandatory internal or external reports, is strictly prohibited.

The management of LTD “DopomogA-I” periodically reviews reports on the results of work to ensure the compliance of the company and its employees with the principles and requirements of this Code of Conduct and the norms of the applicable anti-corruption legislation.


Protection of property

The company LTD "DopomogA-I" respects the property rights of others and adamantly defends its property rights.

We undertake to reliably protect all the property, property and funds of the company and use them solely for the conduct of the company's commercial activities, and not to derive its own benefit.

We undertake to maintain confidentiality and protect the manufacturing secrets belonging to LTD “DopomogA-I” and other companies, and we will not use them for any purpose other than the business interests of the company.

Any information created within LTD “DopomogA-I”, including information on research developments, production data, costs, prices, sales, profits, markets, customers and methods of doing business, is the property of the company and can not be disclosed outside of the company. company LTD "DopomogA-I" without proper authorization, with the exception of cases provided for by law.


Intellectual Property Rights

The company LTD "DopomogA-I" believes that effective protection of intellectual property promotes innovation. In order to be effective, any intellectual property system must take into account the right balance between public needs and the interests of the inventor.

We commit ourselves to defending and defending our intellectual property rights and to respect the rights of others.


Confidential information

Employees of LTD «DopomogA-I» do not have the right to use confidential information intended for internal use, for their own benefit or for the benefit of others.

We undertake not to disclose confidential information intended for internal use to unauthorized persons, including friends, family members, customers and suppliers. Employees holding confidential information of a non-public nature are prohibited from using it for commercial purposes or for profit in any other way.


Dress code

The appearance of the staff is a direct continuation of the corporate culture. This is a way to demonstrate a good state of affairs in the company, respect for customers and business partners, and also helps clients not to be distracted when solving serious issues. Also, the imposition of restrictions disciplines the employees themselves, adjusts them to the business, determines the status of a person, creates a sense of a team for the team, prevents conflicts that might arise from too different understandings of what is appropriate and what is not.

Clothing, of course, affects how a person feels, and this affects the results of his work. The form of clothing largely determines the behavior of each person. If the dress code is a part of the corporate image, the image itself is formed at the expense of the company's philosophy: its mission, values, and the goals to which it aspires.

Clients and partners of the company perceive the tightened appearance of the staff as one of the signs of reliability and well-being. Therefore, the company LTD "DopomogA-I" adopted a business style of clothing for employees.


Compliance with the Code of Conduct

When applying for a job with LTD «DopomogA-I», each employee must receive a copy of this Code of Conduct. The company LTD "DopomogA-I" requires that all persons to whom this Code relates, understood and fully followed the provisions specified therein. Each employee must comply with this Code, as well as follow all the provisions, guidelines and rules adopted by the company LTD "DopomogA-I".

The Company places the Code of Conduct in its free access on the corporate website on the Internet, openly declares its rejection of corruption, welcomes and encourages compliance with the principles and requirements of this Code by all counterparties, employees and other persons, and promotes raising the level of the anti-corruption culture through information and training.

Employees of the company LTD "DopomogA-1" must comply with all norms and rules of business ethics of the company, the norms of corporate conduct of employees, confidentiality, conscientious workflow, in particular:

- The Company's personnel policy and procedures, including hiring, promotion, training, performance management, remuneration, recognition and disciplinary measures, are consistent with the obligations set forth in this Codex.

- The job descriptions and related documentation in force at the company indicate the mandatory nature of compliance with this Code of Conduct.

- Due to the compulsory nature of compliance with this Code, its violation entails a disciplinary sanction, which, given the importance of this Code, may lead to termination of the employment relationship with the employee.

- Employees of the Company should be guided by the following principles:

■ Respect - goodwill towards employees, business partners and management;

■ Honesty - the company does not allow a conflict between personal interests and professional activities; deceit, concealment and false statements are not compatible with the status of an employee of the company LTD "DopomogA-I";

■ Professionalism - deep knowledge of the subject of its activity, responsible and conscientious attitude to official duties, high-quality and timely fulfillment of tasks, improvement of professional level;

■ Responsibility - fulfillment of its obligations to business partners, employees, public authorities, other interested parties.


Responsibility for non-fulfillment / improper execution of this Code of Conduct

The management of the company LTD "DopomogA-I" and employees of all structural divisions of the company, irrespective of the position held, bear personal responsibility for compliance with the principles and requirements of this Code of Conduct, as well as for actions (inaction) of subordinate persons violating these principles and requirements.

Since LTD “DopomogA-I” can be subject to sanctions for the participation of its employees, counterparties and other third parties interacting with the company in corrupt activities, for each reasonably justified suspicion or established fact of corruption, official investigations will be initiated within the limits permitted by the applicable legislation.

Persons guilty of violating the requirements of this Code of Conduct may be brought to disciplinary, administrative, civil or criminal liability on the initiative of the company, law enforcement agencies or other persons in the manner and on the grounds provided for by the Charter of the company LTD "DopomogA-I", Ukrainian legislation , local regulations and labor contracts, as well as, where appropriate and where there are grounds, in accordance with the applicable provisions of the UK Law on Combating Bribery stvom "US law" On Combating Corruption "and other similar foreign regulations.

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