Oxygen mask with bag

Oxygen mask with bag

Purpose of medication:

Masks with a bag are used for oxygen supply with increased concentration.


  • The mask is made of transparent non-toxic vinyl;
  • Thermoplastic mask material softens at body temperature;
  • The transparency of the material allows you to monitor the patient's condition;
  • It consists of a mask with a lock, a tube with a connector and a bag;
  • Provides oxygen supply with an inspiratory concentration of 80% at a flow of 10-15 l / min;
  • Ability to connect a nebulizer, humidifier;
  • The thermoplastic mask material softens at body temperature and does not cause negative sensations in the patient;
  • Holes on the side surfaces of the mask provide ventilation;
  • Easily easily fixed with a flexible nasal clip and elastic band;
  • The edges of the mask are rounded;
  • Non-sterile;
  • For single use;
  • Individual packing.


  • Adult, pediatric;
  • The length of the oxygen line is 2.1 m.