Nebulizer Ultrasonic «MEDICARE»

Nebulizer Ultrasonic «MEDICARE»

Purpose of medication:

It is designed for effective delivery of the prescribed medication to the trachea and bronchi. Used to treat diseases of the respiratory system. Forms a flow of air that converts the drug into an aerosol for effective delivery to the trachea and bronchi.



The main unit is 1 pc.;
Power Adapter - 1pc.;
Masks (large and small) - 2pcs.;
Mouthpiece - 2pcs.;
Water tank - 5pcs.;
The instruction of the user is 1 pc.

Ultrasound frequency 2.4MHz;
The size of the aerosol particles is 0.5 ~ 5 microns;
Volume of water tank 10 ml;
Water tank capacity 25 ml;
Spray volume 0.375 / min 20min automatically;
Spray volume 0.5 / min 10 min automatically.