Devices for infusion therapy


          Infusion therapy – is method aimed at restoration of the volume of intracellular and extracellular fluids of the body. At the moment infusion therapy is one of the most important remedial measures, that is to solve wide range of medical tasks. One can hardly find medical area where infusion therapy is not applied.

          It is performed by means of parental administration of infusion solutions of required volumes. Infusions of different solutions meet the widest range of challenges: from local medicine administration to maintaining of the vital activity of the body.

  • Endotracheal tube (cuffed, with suction port)

    Used in general anesthesia, intensive care and with emergency care to ensure airway patency, oral intubation and mechanical ventilation. The tube is inserted into the trachea of the patient through the nose or mouth of the patient, to ensure airway patency, so that air enters the lungs. The aspiration port allows you to remove the secret and sputum that accumulated in the patient's trachea.