On the 11th of July, 2018 top management of “LifeLong Meditech Pvt. Ltd” came to Ukraine to meet with LLC “DOPOMOGA-I”.

“LifeLong Meditech Pvt. Ltd” is one of the leading manufacturers of syringes in India, quality of which is well known in America and Europe. According to data of NHS ( National Health Service) “SAFEWAY” (brand of “LifeLong Meditech Pvt. Ltd”  syringes) is one of the syringe brands that are supplied to healthcare system of United Kingdom among such famous brand as  BD, BBraun, Terumo (NHS.Clinical review Syringes hypodermic luer slipVersion 2 May 2018).

For LLC “DOPOMOGA-I” “LifeLong Meditech Pvt. Ltd” is main manufacturing facility for 3-part syringes under “MEDICARE” brand. Users in Ukraine remark high quality of 3-part syringes under “MEDICARE” brand.

During the meeting that took place from 11th till 14th of July results of the fruitful cooperation between companies within 2013 – 2018 were drawn; current plans and strategic policy aimed at increasing of the share of high-quality three part “MEDICARE” syringes and their availability for the native users were defined.

Top management of “LifeLong Meditech Pvt. Ltd” was satisfied cooperation with “DOPOMOGA-I” Ltd. and informed regarding their success on the world market, in particular tender for supplies of 3-part syringes for National Health Service of United Kingdom.