Stomach tube

Stomach tube

Purpose of medication:

It is intended for gastric sensing with a therapeutic or diagnostic purpose.


  • The probe is made of polyvinyl chloride;
  • Thermoplastic material softens at body temperature;
  • Smooth surface and atraumatic distal end of rounded shape;
  • The presence of labels from the distal end;
  • Opened end with 4 side holes;
  • Presence of an x-ray contrast line along the entire length of the probe;
  • Color coding of the connector to determine the size;
  • Sterile, non-pyrogenic, non-toxic;
  • For single use;
  • Individual packing.


  • The total length of the probe is 1245 mm.
Size Color coding size
6Fr Light Green
8Fr Light Blue
10Fr Black
12Fr White
14Fr  Green
16Fr  Orange
18Fr  Dark Orange 
20Fr  Yellow
22Fr  Purple
24Fr  Blue
26Fr  White
28Fr Dark Gray
30Fr Light Gray
32Fr Brown